Trade Enquiries

If you already have a login to purchase products at trade prices then please login here.

If you operate a retail outlet and are interested in selling our cards, please note the following variations from the terms on other parts of this website.

Cards cost 69p each, plus VAT. (Please be aware that the website prices have the VAT included). Your first trade order will attract a 10% discount: just put FTO in the box at the checkout. There is no carriage charge within the UK. If you wish to retail our cards outwith the UK, please contact us for details as we charge the full cost of carriage but offset this by discounting the cost of goods, so the benefit to you is similar to that enjoyed by a UK trade customer with free carriage.

There is a minimum order of 20 cards at trade price (for orders below this quantity, retail prices and carriage apply). Terms are 30 days (please!) net, and payment is by credit transfer, or by cheque should you prefer.

Although most of our cards still carry bar codes, these are no longer valid and should not be used. Any cards with bar codes are supplied with a sticker on the outer film, covering the bar code.

We are happy to provide samples; please let us know if there are particular pictures you would like.  To obtain samples and these trade terms please email us from your business e-mail address, or send us a note through the post on headed paper.  We will then provide you with a login and password which will allow you to access these terms. We reserve the right to check the authenticity of information supplied, and to decline to provide samples or trade terms without giving a reason.

Sorry, our Card of the Week offer is only available to retail customers.

Example Card (* not full size)

 Atmospics Scottish Landscape Greetings Cards